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A bank statement loan is a mortgage variant designed for self-employed individuals, enabling them to confirm their income using personal or business bank statements instead of conventional means like tax returns, W-2s, or paystubs. Typically sought by self-employed workers, small business proprietors, or freelancers, these loans don't mandate full ownership of the business. Our Bank Statement program offers a lending option tailored to support creditworthy self-employed borrowers who may otherwise struggle to secure a home loan.


Our 1099 income loan choice caters to underserved self-employed individuals who operate as 1099 workers. Numerous freelancers, contractors, gig economy participants, or other self-employed borrowers who file using W-9s often face challenges in meeting Agency guidelines for mortgage qualification.

These underserved individuals have the option to utilize 1099 earning statements instead of tax returns to fulfill mortgage requirements. Our 1099 Income loan presents an alternative solution that aids many self-employed 1099 earners in realizing their dream of homeownership

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Loans with an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) cater to borrowers lacking Social Security numbers. Those possessing ITIN cards can secure a mortgage provided they meet eligibility criteria. This mortgage product, a comprehensive documentation non-QM offering, offers flexibility for U.S. residents.

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DSCR loans, also known as investor cash flow loans, are a financing option for real estate investors that bypasses traditional income verification. Instead of focusing on your paycheck, DSCR loans analyze the property's projected rental income and expenses (debt service coverage ratio) to determine if it can cover the mortgage payment. This makes them ideal for investors who are self-employed, have variable income, or are building their real estate portfolio

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Fix and flip loans are short-term financing solutions designed for real estate investors. They provide the capital to purchase a property, typically distressed or undervalued, and then renovate it for a quick resale at a profit. These loans come with higher interest rates than traditional mortgages due to the short repayment term, but can be a lucrative option for experienced investors who can effectively renovate and resell properties within a set timeframe.

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